Monday, January 26, 2015

New design

Hey everyone,
For a while I've been thinking about changing the background here. Then I was prompted to by someone else. So after a bit more thought, I did. What do you think? I took the picture of the flower a few months ago myself, btw. Do you think it's more professional? I felt the old one was quite immature, the blog of a seven year old. ;)

I also moved to Disqus. What does everyone think of that? It's what they use at the Rebelution, and I find it really nice, so far.

Also, I'm very sorry about how much I've been slacking off on posting lately. I will try my very best to do it more regularly.

Let me know what you're thinking and how you like it! :)



  1. I like the new way of commenting, but the blog posts are a bit hard to read with the flower :/
    I love the picture though! And the red is amazing! Maybe you could make the picture into a header instead of the background?

  2. I agree! its is lovely though!! xx

  3. Good idea. I'll move the flower behind the title. Thanks for the input and I'm glad you guys like it! :)


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