Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Importance of Living Selflessly

  I am entering a contest at Tessa Emily Hall's blog and one of the entries said 'write a blog post on the importance of selfless living', so I figured that would be a great post to get back here with. :)

  Now you might think of living selflessly as becoming a superhero or something. But it doesn't have to be painful or even be your career. 

1. Where you can be selfless
  Anywhere! It is so simple and so rewarding to be selfless if you can just get past that first doubt that nibbles at your mind. You can be selfless at home with your parents and siblings. At the grocery store you can help that little old person who trying to get the coin they dropped by themselves. At school that kid who always sits at that table by themselves. And even when people aren't around, say at an empty park and you see a McDonalds cup roll by, pick it up and throw it away!

2. Why should you be selfless
  It really makes a difference. You know that day when everything is going wrong and you can't do anything right and some stranger helps you in some way. It feels like you've just been handed $100 free. Then when your in their shoes and you see that little girl smile at you 'cause you liked her pink shoes, your heart just melts at how you made some stranger happy with just a couple words. 

3. What exactly is selflessness
  Selflessness is when you stop thinking about how yourself and give just a bit of your time to help someone else. It's not thinking, 'Oh God's really going to be pleased with this one. Wonder how He'll reward me.' or 'Wow I am such a nice person, no wonder everyone loves me.' It should be because you want to make that person happy.

4. Who are some great role models 
  Jesus: He died on the cross so that we might live eternally in Heaven. 

  Florence Nightingale: She stayed up a lot without sleep for days so she could care for men who were sick and dying. She would take their last words and send them home to their families with the news that their son, father, and husband was dead. 

  Amy Carmichael and David Livingstone and other missionaries who served in foreign countries giving their lives to helping spread the word of Jesus Christ.

  George Washington: He didn't want to be president you know. He wanted to go home and live a quiet life after the war. And he definitely didn't want to be king. But he became the 1st president of the USA because we wanted him. Because we knew that he would do his job faithfully and to the best of his abilities.   

  There and lots and lots of people out there who serve just like these people did, but they are often drowned out by the selfish people of this world. The people who only care about themselves. But by being selfless we will spread seeds and the light will grow. 

  Have you ever heard of Passing It On? Well most of the time if you do something nice for someone that someone will want to do someone nice for someone else and it just keeps going. 

I hope you are inspired to do something out of your way today. :) If you have any thoughts leave them in the comments!