Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Friendship Tolkien Style/Cheerfullness with Merry and Pippin

I know a lot of people view Merry and Pippin as silly little characters who are just there for the sake of it. Although most of the time those people have only watched the movies. However Merry and Pip have a message to share just like the others.
These two are just so cute together and their actions and quotes make for good laughs, but they are so much more than that.

How they meet:
Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took have been close friends for as long as we know. They are quite the goofballs when together and love to get into trouble. (Like when they set off one of Gandalf's fireworks the wrong way)

What brings them close:
Although Merry and Pip are cousins and have been BFFs since little tiny Hobbits, they are immature in their friendship till the adventure. As they go through dangers and trials they start to realize how much they truly need each other.

Their friendship:
One very good scene is where Merry and Pippin have been separated for a while and Merry ends up getting hurt in a battle. Pippin finds him an comforts him. Merry asks if he's going to leave him and Pippin says no. I don't know yet if it's in the books too, I haven't gotten that far in the Return of the King. But the sweetest thing about that is Merry has always been the older cousin, looking out for Pip. I think this is where Pippin finally grows up a bit.

What I love about these two is they might not be great fighters like Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, and Gimli, or save the world like Frodo and Sam, and they might not be as smart as Gandalf, and yet they have a purpose. Other than the few times they save each other and others I think what they're really there for is to keep everyone's hopes up. I mean, if those little hobbits hadn't of been there I think every one would of had some serious depression. Those two where funny, they goofed around together even when great danger pressed against them. They could have let fear grip and paralyze their hearts, but they had each other and they knew that together they could put a smile on and face whatever came their way. Sure they were immature, sure they had no clue how dangerous everything was, and sure they had no real qualifications for being on that quest, but they sure did make a difference.
These two remind me that even if I feel like I have no qualifications for being here, when I feel useless with no real talents, I remember that even Merrys and Pippins can make a difference. And nobody's here without a reason. :)

What do you think of Merry and Pip? Did I miss anything? And... Wait, they come in pints? Excuse me.



  1. Pippin and Merry were not there just for comic relief. They were a important part of the Fellowship, and even though Elrond did not want Pippin to go, they both played a part in destroying the Ring. They were very loyal friends to Frodo, and just like everyone else who did something to fight against Sauron, he wouldn't have been able to destroy the Ring without their help.


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