Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why I Believe in Christianity #1

Here is a great video with more info that I as a teenager can't explain very well. :)

And here is what I have to say:
The Bombardier Beetle is one of my favorite bugs, just because he shoots he shoots hot stuff out his bum. Ahem... anyways.

But first here is Wikipedia's introduction to this tiny little ball of fire. (Please when I refer to things this way don't get all technical on about how, it's not really a 'ball of fire'. I'm just goofing around)

Bombardier beetles are ground beetles (Carabidae) in the tribes Brachinini, Paussini, Ozaenini, or Metriini—more than 500 species altogether—which are most notable for the defense mechanism that gives them their name: when disturbed, they eject a hot noxious chemical spray from the tip of their abdomen, with a popping sound.
The spray is produced by a reaction between two chemical compounds, hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, stored in separate reservoirs in the beetle's abdomen and mixed when needed in a third chamber with water and catalytic enzymes. Heat from the reaction brings the mixture to near the boiling point of water and produces gas that drives the ejection. The damage caused can be fatal to attacking insects and small creatures and is painful to human skin. Some bombardier beetles can direct the spray over a wide range of directions.

How can this little guy evolve? If a beetle started getting these chemicals, the first time he tried to use it, he would blow himself up. Pop! (Sorry, it's the teen in me) Evolution takes a long, long time. If he only gets part of these things at once, it won't work correctly. He wouldn't have the right compartments, and he wouldn't have the chemical mixture all set up. Even Wiki admits that Evolutionists admit that they haven't figured out how it could work. They do say they might, maybe, have a lead, but that's ONLY a lead. If they find something I'm game for reading about it. But they don't have anything.

Now if he was created at once by a Creator, it would make sense. He'd be all intact. This little guy at the moment points fully at a Divine Creator.

This isn't the only thing. I'll have more coming. :)

Dear Atheists reading this. Please don't get all offensive.  I don't wish to get into arguments, and I don't want to offend anyone. I'm just presenting my beliefs the same way you present yours. :)



  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!! Great job!

  2. You responding to one of my comments on Blythe's blog in a very nice way. Thank you for that. I finally noticed and answered you there.

    Brooke, there are Christians who accept the concept of evolution. Imagine a world created to evolve. Not one word would it change of His gospel.

    1. Yes. Thank you for pointing that out. I completely over-looked that fact. I really do have a hard time seeing how they could believe evolution ties with the Bible though.

  3. Brooke, something more substantial about this is troubling me. I think that the people who, like the film makers responsible for the video you linked to, promote creationism controversies do harm. They create an expectation of proof where none should even be sought. The essence of real faith is that it requires no proof. Looking for proof is like asking for a sign. It's against my Lord's teachings. Read Matthew 16 and see if you don't agree.

    1. I've been thinking a lot on my first comment and I am going to have to correct myself.
      God made each to its own kind. He made the birds of the air, the fish in the sea, the bugs that crawl, and the animals on land. Genesis doesn't really leave much room for evolution in there. Plus it would go against what Jesus taught.

      And to your other point. God said not to put Him to foolish tests. Our God is a god of order. Even miracles are from a divine order, just one that we humans can't figure out. I believe some people to ask for signs that are past the limit. But looking for scientific evidence is just looking at the signs He has already given us. Like with the people Jesus was constantly giving them signs, but when the people who had no faith would ask for a sign he would rebuke them. I don't think it's exactly the same thing to look at the order of His universe and to ask for signs, because we are only looking at what is already here.

  4. There are some (like me) who put all our faith in the Gospel of my Lord. Genesis is neither an archeology nor a biology text. Nor is the nature of the division into days easily interpreted. Sometimes in ancient texts(and modern ones too) a thing which is divided into a certain number of pieces is likened to some familiar thing with the same number of pieces. The fingers on one hand is an excellent example. The days of the week is another.

    What really strikes me is how Genesis and Paul's letters have become the basis of a kind of movement. It's terribly disheartening. Faith should not be misplaced. - Ray


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